Abington Park Museum

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Abington Park Museum


No better place to tell the story of Abington.

Abington Park Museum

Abington Park Museum

About Abington Park Museum

There is no better place to tell the story of Abington than in the building that was once the manor house for the extensive Abington estate. The galleries chart the history and development of Abington as it has grown from a medieval manor to an attractive leafy suburb of Northampton. It is designed to allow people of all ages to explore the places, the people who have made Abington their home, and their experiences past and present.

The exhibitions are a growing collection and includes objects relating to the story of the manor house as a home, an asylum, and a museum. Paintings of people living in the house provide a glimpse into the status of the families who lived there. Objects relating to the use of the park include flags and programmes celebrating the local importance of the park and events that took place here.

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Abington Park Museum, Park Avenue South, Northampton, NN1 5LW

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