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Inspired and modern woodfired restaurant.



About Ember

Ember takes inspiration from the BBQ culture across the world. Expect Scandinavian, Japanese & Argentinian influences as BBQ marries Tapas! Ember has achieved a stellar reputation since opening its doors in June 2022. Their restaurant has continued to break barriers and offers a unique dining experience like no other. With a cool atmosphere and a one-of-a-kind dining experience, it’s no surprise that the independent restaurant quickly made its mark by achieving several accolades, just a few months after opening.

They take pride in providing more than just food; it’s about the memorable experience, the one-of-a-kind ambience and of course, the excellent quality of food and drinks. They use only the freshest ingredients in all dishes, sourced locally whenever possible. Their commitment to quality is backed up by their team of experienced chefs who strive to create rich flavours with each dish they make.

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07464 128 878

How to get here

Unit 42, Nene Court, Embankment, Wellingborough, NN8 1LD

W3W: ///caked.hungry.sheet