Glapthorn Cow Pastures

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Glapthorn Cow Pastures


A rare butterfly refuge.

Glapthorn Cow Pastures

Glapthorn Cow Pastures

About Glapthorn Cow Pastures

Glapthorn Cow Pasture is a 28.2 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest managed by the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire. This Site of Special Scientific Interest features different habitats that provide homes for a mix of wildlife. The mature woodland in the northern half of the reserve is dominated by Ash, while the southern part is mainly Blackthorn with some Oak. Primroses in the Spring are followed by Bluebells, and early purple and common-spotted Orchids.

Nuthatch and Warblers can be heard, and the reserve is a nesting site for Nightingales. In summer, the Black Hairstreak butterfly perches on flowering brambles, weaving from plant to plant with its characteristically jerky flight. The Caterpillars feed on Blackthorn; the team has have created protected fenced areas of coppiced Blackthorn to ensure the best habitat for these rare creatures, whose range is restricted to just a few woods between Oxford and Peterborough.

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How to get here

2.5 miles from Oundle, Northamptonshire

W3W: ///calls.dads.daffodils