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Icarus Falconry


Exciting hands-on experiences with birds of prey.

Icarus Falconry

Icarus Falconry

About Icarus Falconry

Specialising in Falconry Experiences, family-run Icarus Falconry has been operating within the grounds of Holdenby House estate in Northamptonshire since 2002. It was set up to be a falconry centre of excellence, to promote raptor conservation, and to enable members of public to come into close contact with birds of prey.

From Easter to October, the centre is opened at weekends to the wider public along with the historic gardens of Holdenby House. During these weekends you will be able to meet some of their key wildlife and attend one of their nature talks or falconry displays giving the whole family a close up and often interactive experience as you learn and love their British species of all kinds – from amphibians to foxes and much more!

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Icarus Falconry, Holdenby House, Holdenby, Northamptonshire, NN6 8DJ

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