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Corby Pole Fair

Made With Many

About Made With Many

Made with Many is a community – led arts programme which produces events and activities designed to surprise, delight and inspire. The programme aims to encourage more people than ever before to take the lead in experiencing, creating in taking part in high quality arts and cultural activities. Wellingborough Stories is a community heritage project that aims to capture untold stories from the town’s diverse communities, and present them back to the community through artworks made with local people.

So far over 35 local stories have been gathered in partnership with a wide range of community groups and organisations and we are now gathering your stories too! Youth, Arts & Skills Wellingborough has set up a Youth Forum of young people who get creative and use that creativity to make a difference locally with social action projects. The project aims to develop young people’s transferable skills and their creativity as well as giving them a platform locally to make a difference in their community.

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How to get here

7th Floor, Grosvenor House, George St, Corby, NN17 1QB