Nene Wetlands

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Nene Wetlands


Discover the wildlife of the River Nene.

Nene Wetlands Nature Reserve

Nene Wetlands

About Nene Wetlands

The Nene Wetlands is part of the Upper Nene Valley Gravel Pits Site of Special Scientific Interest and Special Protection Area. Four Wildlife Trust nature reserves – Irthlingborough Lakes and Meadows, Ditchford Lakes and Meadows, Higham Ferrers Pits and Wilson’s Pits are now linked up with Skew Bridge Lake, Delta Pit and Higham Lake. This extensive series of shallow and deep open waters are surrounded with a wide range of marginal features, such as sparsely vegetated islands, gravel bars and shorelines.

This range of habitat and the varied topography of the lagoons provide valuable nesting, resting and feeding conditions to sustain nationally important numbers and assemblages of breeding and wintering birds. Twenty thousand waterbirds use the wetlands every year, for breeding, for their winter quarters or as vital stopping points on their long migration routes. You’ll find a mile-long nature loop with seating areas, view points, a sculpture trail and play area.

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