Old Sulehay Nature Reserve

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Old Sulehay Nature Reserve


Amazing woodland with carpets of Bluebells and Wild Garlic.

Old Sulehay Nature Reserve

Old Sulehay Nature Reserve

About Old Sulehay Nature Reserve

Old Sulehay Forest is a fragment of the ancient Rockingham Forest, a royal hunting forest that extended from Wansford to Kettering. Other areas of the reserve are associated with quarrying. In summer, Glow-worms glimmer in the longer grass. Many wildflowers found here are rare in Northamptonshire, including Ploughman’s-Spikenard, Wild Thyme, Viper’s Bugloss, Common Cudweed and Yellow-wort. These attract a wide range of butterflies, such as the Common Blue, Brown Argus and Dingy Skipper. On warm spring days, look for the energetic Grizzled Skipper in Stonepit Close, on the disused railway or the Calcining Banks.

Areas of scrub support birds, such as Whitethroats and Bullfinches. Great and Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers live in the woodland, along with Nuthatch and Treecreeper. Invertebrates thrive on the sun-warmed paths. Old Sulehay Forest is an ancient abandoned coppice of Ash, Hazel, Oak and Field Maple, with a diverse ground flora. They are reintroducing coppicing and tree-felling, to maintain the wide, sunny rides favoured by both wildlife and people.

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How to get here

Sulehay Road, 0.5 miles west of Yarwell village, PE8 6PA

W3W: ///foal.crusaders.actors