Rushton Triangular Lodge

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Rushton Triangular Lodge


Delightful triangular building!

Rushton Triangular Lodge

Rushton Triangular Lodge

About Rushton Triangular Lodge

This delightful triangular building was designed by Sir Thomas Tresham (father of one of the Gunpowder plotters) and constructed between 1593 and 1597. While the lodge is indisputably a testament to Tresham’s faith, it is also an example of the Elizabethan love of allegory. Carved in the gables are the numbers “3509” and “3898”: these are said to be the dates (BC) of the Creation and the Calling of Abraham.

The Lodge was the only building Tresham designed which he saw completed before his death in 1605. The building is crowned, above the quotations on each facade, by three steep gables each surmounted by a three-sided obelisk at the apex. Among the emblems carved on the gables are, on the southeast side, the highly symbolic seven-branched candelabrum within an octagonal plaque, and a heptagonal plaque depicting the seven eyes of God.

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