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The oldest town in Northamptonshire!



About Towcester

The modern town of Towcester is situated within a bend of the river Tove, which was farmed in the Iron-Age and was taken by the Roman forces early in their campaign of AD43.

The early town profited from the smiths who exploited the local iron ore deposits but may have been badly affected with the rest of south Northamptonshire by the pillaging of a Northumbrian army the year before William the Conqueror invaded in 1066.

The town of Towcester, surrounded by the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, has much to offer to both residents and visitors. Towcester is the oldest town in Northamptonshire and has a long, varied and interesting history. In recognition of this, many of the homes and businesses that line Watling Street are Grade 2 listed and the whole central area is designated a conversation area. It is a town of contrasts where the old mixes happily with the new; the lively Watling Street, the business and commercial lifeline of the town, lies alongside many areas of rural tranquility.

Towcester enjoys a strong sense of community and this is evidenced by the great variety of local clubs and societies that flourish in the town.

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