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Wellingborough Museum


Local social history museum.

Wellingborough Museum

Wellingborough Museum

About Wellingborough Museum

The Wellingborough Museum is housed in Dulley’s Baths, built in 1892 as an indoor swimming pool by David Dulley, a brewer in the town. In 1920, the building was bought by George Cox and converted into a shoe factory. Cox’s moved to larger premises in 1995. The building displays the collection of artefacts owned by the Winifred Wharton Trust, previously shown in The Heritage Centre at Croyland Hall in Wellingborough. The downstairs gallery exhibits explore early history.

Find information on the Iron Age and other eras including Roman Britain and the Middle Ages, through to Victorian times and WWI.The upstairs gallery focuses on the 20th century and features a recreation of a 1940s living room and kitchen. Other highlights include a recreation of a haberdashery shop of the era. Wellingborough Museum is fun and interactive, look out for the 1920s pianola, and see if you can play a tune.

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